Quantum Change Coaching Services

Are you interested in seeing how you can more deeply utilize these elements of quantum change in your life?  Personal coaching can help you do this. 

I am open to having a no-cost introductory conversation with you about this possibility. If you like, we can focus on some specific situation you are wanting to move forward in your life.

If you want to do further work, my basic fee for breakthrough coaching work $180 an hour or $3 a minute. A lot can be accomplished in short periods of time. I am also open to working at a reduced rate or doing exchanges.  You may have something great to offer me that is not money!  Also, I can offer a lower rate if a block of coaching time is purchased in advance.

Email coaching programs are another cost-effective ways for you to get support. I am able to do this because some of the material I share in email coaching has already been created. 

What would be an ideal scenario for you in our possible work together? 

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