Leverage the power of boldly FACING YOUR SHADOWS, difficult emotions and resistance.  

There are resources and juice for you in being bottom-line honest with yourself about the whole of your experience. In facing and metabolizing what you have been afraid of feeling, a surge of new energy can become available. 

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Q: I intuitively recognize the value of feeling my feelings and experiencing the parts of my experience that I have been avoiding. Yet, I am afraid that if I go there I will not be able to find my way out again.

A: This is a very common experience for many folks. With this concern it can be helpful to acknowledge all the times you did go very deep and were able to find your way out.  Perhaps you can even remember having a lot more energy after going there.  My experience is that our inner mechanisms are very intelligent.  We are whole beings.  Our wise wholeness can make sure we keep a safe and fine-tuned balance between diving into the depths of pain and soaring to great spiritual heights.

Q:  But don't so many teachings counsel us to not focus on the negative?  How do you reconcile the Law Of Attraction ideas with your mention of shadow work here?

A:  According to the Law Of Attraction what comes back to us is a reflection of how we are holding our experience.  If we are doing deep emotional work with the positive intention of recovering more of ourselves, we are not focusing on "the negative."  We are just opening to more of our own delicious energy and giving it an opportunity to bask in the bright sun of our higher-frequency awareness. This is a positive frequency to be vibrating in and this can attract more positive experiences in our lives.  

Positive or negative is not "out there".  These are perspectives we are holding, meanings we are giving. 

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