Enjoying Your Own Way

Get curious and excited about finding your own unique and customized way of participating more there. You can identify your own personal and individual magic there and release it into what you are wanting to accomplish.  

You can decide that you are going to discover your own way there and stick to it no matter what. Let yourself do this on your own terms and in a way that is fun for you. Immediately delete from your inner hard-drive all the suggestions that have come from others that do not feel right and ecstatic for you. Poof! Poof! Poof!

Know that you are always your own best expert on what works best for you.  How could any other being in the Universe know your own highest level of fun and ease?  Leave all those opinions by the side of the road.  Your own way is always going to be more deeply satisfying and growth-full for you. It can best help you accomplish the results you want to accomplish. 

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