Leverage the power of greater CLARITY.

See your situation even more clearly. See what you may be missing there. Stand back and get still more overview. Keep gathering more information. Understand the difference between context and content. Cultivate greater discernment. Take informed and congruent actions.  Keep checking in and aligning yourself with divine intent. 

Blue Fireworks

Clarity About What We Most Want.

Take more time to discern and refine what you most want.  Feel the specific feelings you would like to be experiencing with that change.  Picture your best case scenario there.  You can add detail of keep it general. Do what feels most joyful for you. Let your vision shimmer and glow like the fireworks in the above picture.  

Clarity About What Is Most Needed.

What are we missing? What have we not yet included in our alchemical mix? What could we be seeing more clearly?  What behind the scenes elements are still operating there?  

Clarity About What We Are Bringing And Holding

What perspectives and belief systems are increasing our power and focus? What perspectives and belief systems may be limiting us. 

Clarity About What Is Congruent With Divine Intent.

Having overview. What change efforts are most in alignment with all of creation?  What does the bigger flow want right now?          (415) 453-4387        all rights reserved © Bruce Terrell  2012