Leverage the power of ALLOWING and acceptance. 

Choose to embrace and celebrate what is As It Is. Release your resistance to what you are wanting to change.  Let go of your fixed ideas of how things should look.  Accept the gift of what is. See the value in the contrast of what you are experiencing.  Release the past.  See that the past does not equal the future. Let your frames of reference be fluid.  Take breaks. Let yourself have fun along the way.

Here are some Quantum Change Declarations And Questions.  Feel the energy of these statements as you read them or speak them.

"Right now, I am allowing myself to be right where I am, feeling just what I am feeling."

 "I know I am just where I need to be. There is really nothing about my experience now that I need to change, fix or upgrade in any way. I am now opening further to everything I am feeling now. I am calling this good." 

"I am allowing myself to flow with what is, rather than pushing against what is. This experience is my friend." 

 "I am curious about the nuance and feeling tones of my experience in this moment.  What is the gift of this? What new beginnings are emerging here? What is the Universe lovingly showing me at this time?"

"With each breath I take I am relaxing more deeply. I am getting more and more comfortable with what is so for me right now."   

"I can just be where I am right now. I do not have to get it all right immediately. There is nothing I need to do next or change next."

How would I be, feeling what I am feeling right now, if I could not think the thought that anything is wrong with my here now experience?

How would I be, right now, if I let go of my ideas that I need to change what I am feeling?          (415) 453-4387        all rights reserved © Bruce Terrell  2012