10 Fundamental Keys of Accelerated Quantum Change

Would you like to accelerate the progress you are making with a current project?  Would you like to expand your sense of what is possible?  The inclusion of one or more of the following leverage points may be helpful for you. 

Alchemical Leverage Points for Quantum Change:  

1)    Leverage the power of CLARITY

2)    Leverage the power of PASSION & INTENSITY

3)    Leverage the power of PERSEVERANCE

4)    Leverage the power of POSITIVE VISION

5)    Leverage the power of CONGRUENCY.

6)    Leverage the power of ALLOWING

7)    Leverage the power of FACING YOUR SHADOWS.  

8)    Leverage the power of ENERGY WORK.  

9)    Leverage the power of GETTING SUPPORT.  

10)  Leverage the power of  INTEGRATION

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